So, I have a room full of shelves floor to ceiling of equipment for every eventuality, no matter what I’m doing- winter camping at -20c, summer camping in the baking Australian outback, climbing, kayaking, skiing on piste or off piste touring, the list is endless of hobbies and equipment for any occasion. I’m a big fan of both solid equipment to last a life time and light weight kit for speedy treks. As a result I don’t have a solid preference on a lot of things, but will dispense the little knowledge I have of what kit is appropriate where on this page and some of what i use.




Screenshot 2018-02-17 at 9.46.22 PM970205_10151986623801408_8216873484651123025_n20170806_183609img_20170717_182045167.jpg


Favourite kit of the year so far

Masi Giramondo

The petzl ride ice axe

Atompacks Prospector

trekkertent cuben tarp



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