So, I have a room full of shelves floor to ceiling of equipment for every eventuality, no matter what I’m doing- winter camping at -20c, summer camping in the baking Australian outback, climbing, kayaking, skiing on piste or off piste touring, the list is endless of hobbies and equipment for any occasion. I’m a big fan of both solid equipment to last a life time and light weight kit for speedy treks. As a result I dont have a solid preference on a lot of things, but will dispense the little knowledge I have of what kit is appropriate where on this page and some of what i use.

Favourite kit of the year so far– I spent a few months under a trekkertent cuben tarp with bugnet/bathtub floor. It weighs just over 425g with all the extra cord i use on it. Packs down to the size of a nalegene bottle. A brilliant versatile bit of kit. Its also a very reasonable price, around one third the cost of other brands. Next time i would maybe go a tiny bit bigger for more space and versatility. With it i used a Rab Neutrino 200 sleeping bag (600g). In an alpine style it takes me below freezing (just when using my thermal layer top). Its been a good companion. Ive used it pretty well on a near 25c temprature difference. I like the 3/4 zip.  I felt a little let down by the camping pad i used – thermarest ultratherm? i know people that swear by them, and it certainly is warm. but I had nearly every single night sleeping a couple of hours before having to reinflate it and could not find and puncture. I switched over to a big agnes q core lite. colder but dependable and in a cool funky lime colour (of course the colour matters).


Next in the same Pic is the Masi Giramondo 700c. I loved it. Out of all the bikes I have used this has to be a favourite. it carries loads well, has endless mounting points, proved robust, I did run the bearings down on the pedals but they were cheap pedals not worthy of the bike. I broke one spoke but for doing around or just over half of the GDMBT on 40mm tyres I think its a brill bike. loved the drop bars, loved the colour. would buy one any day.

I don’t have a picture of the next item at present. but the petzl ride ice axe comes next. It weighs approx 250g. has a steel pic that can penetrate reasonably. and a 47cm alu shaft. I loved this tool, it weighed nothing but was usable and virtually zero weight penalty for carrying just incase. Along with it i used the petzl leopard aluminium crampons. they fit my trainers and i sprinted up hard snowfields early morning before glissading down later. Weighing the same as a pair of microspikes but way more traction and stability, the downside being aluminium will wear on rock, but for snowfield ascents perfect.



shelters/ tents

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