Trekkertent Cuben Tarp

I spent a few months under a trekkertent cuben tarp with bugnet/bathtub floor. It weighs just over 425g with all the extra cord i use on it. Packs down to the size of a nalegene bottle. A brilliant versatile bit of kit. Its also a very reasonable price, around one third the cost of other brands. Next time i would maybe go a tiny bit bigger for more space and versatility. With it i used a Rab Neutrino 200 sleeping bag (600g). In an alpine style it takes me below freezing (just when using my thermal layer top). Its been a good companion. Ive used it pretty well on a near 25c temprature difference. I like the 3/4 zip.  I felt a little let down by the camping pad i used – thermarest ultratherm? i know people that swear by them, and it certainly is warm. but I had nearly every single night sleeping a couple of hours before having to reinflate it and could not find and puncture. I switched over to a big agnes q core lite. colder but dependable and in a cool funky lime colour (of course the colour matters).