Rab Neutrino 200 Sleeping Bag

This is a bit of a love hate relationship with this one. I bought this as a minimalist bag and have used it for hot climates as well as 13000 ft frozen alpine bivouacs. The latter is a suffer fest to the truest extent.

The spec- it weighs in at 600 grams. Brilliant. It has 800 down fill. Excellent. Its Orange. Great!!! I love this bag for how liget weight it is and barely taking up more space than a nalegene bottle. But it has a major flaw, keeping the weight low is at cost to warmth. The bag is a stitch through design, meaning cold spots. This is amplified by the down shifting position , to the point there can be massive patches of no down. Just a layer of nylon between me and the frost. And don’t I remember those times at 3am hungry and half frozen at 14000ft. This resulted in very early morning coffees and very early starts. I guess a good bag should be a bit chilly first thing. If a bag is over warm you ten to sleep in.

The bag has 3/4 zipper I like, tiny bit of weight shed and I like to think the silvery inside fabric keeps me warmer, at least that’s what I tell myself between the hours of 1 and 4am when im dying inside.



neutrino sleeping ba doing its thing.

Rab rates this bag to 6.5c comfort or 1.5c lower comfort. I find when fresh out a tumble dryer with a few tennis balls the down fluffs up well and pretty much fills the bag. In the first days it works down to freezing if you wear a layer inside the bag. After a month of solid using, its packed down a bit and just isnt as warm, resulting in all my layers being worn.

I intend on using this till one day i wake early spring to frost biten toes, desperate for a real night sleep. till then I give it 10/10 for trying, 10/10 for toughening up the softest camper, but 8 out of 10 for long term endeavors over 3-6months.