A Clip Too Far!

‘When you have time to think about how far your falling, its a big fall.’

After setting off on the  chance we might be able to get the next room ferry, then finding that we wouldn’t be able to catch the next roro ferry, we decided to head back to La Mojarra which was an hour away for some more sport climbing. This time we pushed a little harder, climbing 5.10s and the odd 5.11. It was brilliant fun. I also took a rather large fall, the first in a while. In the picture below I fell from where I was in the pic, to just past the dark pocket at the bottom of the picture. I fumbled at the clip, attempting to clip from a tiny crimp, putting up rope, dropping it, pulling more rope, then realising my hand barely had the crimp and I would be off before my hand was back at the gate. I decided to fall. While falling, it crossed my mind I had been falling quite some time (normally a fall is over before you realise its begun. Eventually the rope went tight and I let out a big ‘Wooooooh!’. A few minutes later I re-climbed the route, realising instead of holding the crimp an arms reach away there was a very easy to hold jug right next to the bolt. O well.


Karli also challenged herself leading every 5.9 of la Mojarra in a single day, and adding a couple of 10’s for good measure. It was great to be back with Chris and Nicole, pushing each other to climb other routes and taking plenty of falls along the way. La Mojarra is bolted in a perfect bolt before the crux manor sport climbers love, making falls safe and comfortable.


Each evening we have had the menu in the restaurant down to a fine art, picking the best value beer and hot food for the lowest price. Halving the bill compared to last time. Above are a few pics of the La Mojarra setting.


We are now a day out of Cartagena, getting ready to ship the vehicle back that will set in motion a series of events leading to us cycling South America.

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