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bens game

I have spent the past years travelling around, hiking climbing, little bit of skiing, road tripping and trying to to take life too seriously

Choose Junk Food

Choose Junk food Choose smarties, choose snickers, choose candy and hope diabetes wont catch up with you. Choose double espresso for breakfast with donuts coated in sugar and chocolate and […]

Cycling The Great Divide Basin

  The divide basin is a large flat(ish) area that splits the rockies in wyoming. Its dusty, hot, there are lots of ticks that will try to bite you and its long. (136miles by the official bike route I think). To get to the basin from Landers first i had […]

Climbing Up A Teton

  PRE-CLIMB This Was a Pretty Cool Day for me that nearly didn’t happen. It started two days before, trying to collect my ice axe and crampons from the post […]