The worlds biggest Game of Find The Phone

We all know how frustrating it is loosing a phone or some keys down the back of the sofa. It can take hours to search one room before it turns up. Suspicions turn to housemates, stress builds, irritation, anxiety etc etc.

Now Enter Ikea.

Last night we went into Ikea to find a collapsible table to cook on, for the road trip. A comfort we will spring for. Entering Ikea we were a little carried away trying every single sofa, seat, bed, kitchen and shelf/cupboard which is great fun. But half way through the store I realised I no longer had my mobile. We had been sitting at a kitchen bar with an old lady talking too us when I realised. We walked off and started the search. Karli raised the point ‘Maybe the old lady swiped it?’. ‘No’ I replied, but had she? It started ticking through my mind, the old woman hand been standing pretty close. It it possible the sweet dear lady was really a thief who was now cashing in on our polite conversation. I wanted to deny it.  I look up to the vast sea of sofas knowing I had been on every single one. The colossal size of a search like this was overwhelming. Every sofa covered in cushions. Every bed covered in throws and decorations. Every kitchen cupboard, sink and shelf full or ornaments we looked at. Just imagine searching down the sides of 100 sofas (min). The search kept up until finally a store attendant was in the area. Upon asking he replied he had just sent it downstairs, and asked if I could describe it. I wonder now just how many people have been though the process of searching in the stores history. We carried on the entertaining look around the store before going down to lost and found to claim it.  After not finding a table, but successfully finding some tupperware and collecting the phone we departed and headed over to my friend Axels’ house to relax and unwind.

Today we used the gym in Axels building complex and started a training routine that will follow us down the Pan America route and have us in great shape for some of the bigger challenges. We took it easy but tomorrow will be harder. A nice warmup, 2miles in 12min, and some sets of situps, pushups, squats and lunges. It was great having a air-conditioned cool room to train in. Followed by pancakes, bananas, syrup and an excellent nitro brew from Starbucks.


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