The Sting

Some things are so American you shouldn’t avoid them.

Tonight I went to a baseball game. After a small bit of sport climbing, Karli and her friend Ash decided while we were eating pizza and just across the road from the Denver Rockies stadium it would be worth it. So we did.

Act 1. The beginning

The stadium is impressive. Big, fully lit to the point there is barely a shadow , impressive and mostly full. And plenty of beers stands, pretzel, candy, and expensive food. We find we got cheap tickets into a slightly more premium area. Taking our seats the game has already started and the stadium is vibrant.

act 2. The slow dance

The thing I wasn’t told about baseball is its slow, really slow, between each bat is about 30 seconds to a minute. Of siting and waiting. They play music to clap too, but it last about 10 seconds and is on loop with about 4 other samples. All night the same four track on repeat. I’m not complaining to much, but its not even a good sample section, its starts turning into hard work clapping along. were in the second play.

act 3 repeat-     It seems the time between the plays/ innings is getting longer and longer, with more and more commercials between flashing on a board bigger than the game display and with mascot style novelty teeth and toothpaste running around advertising a brand. One of the pitchers seems to be spending more time trying to catch out runners trying to steal a base than throwing to the batter. It seems he is dragging out his moment of glory.

Act 4 How Long Is This Going To Take????? Its the slowest game of my life, i feel sanity slipping away. Its like groundhog day. I’ve been tricked, this is no spectator sport, they lied to get me here so i would have to endure it. I presume at this point the stewards have locked all exit doors until a profit margin is hit on sales of drinks and food.

Act 5 Inning 5

I’m sure i can see people on the opposite stand falling asleep, and a brilliant idea it is too, nice fresh air, a slow sedate game with a low commentary, just like being home in front of a tv. I’ve been told we can leave at the end of this inning. I hope its no lie.


In the end we did leave, after a couple off beers, clueless to the score, but did I enjoy it?

Secretly yes, it is kinda good fun. and a nice family environment.

here are a couple extra photos from denver and the past couple days. be sure to read The Wacky Adventures Of Benjamin and Karli. Its the start of the new trip. 🙂



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