Arriving in East Glacier



So after nearly looking at mortgages I have come to my sense and decided to travel. Over the past week I’ve sorted flights, insurance, maps, flown to Las Vegas, had 2days relaxing, flown to Kalispell and hitchhiked to East Glacier ready for a jaunt down the Continental Divide trail. I’m sat back on the hostel balcony looking at the end of the first 100miles of trail I’ll be hiking in a few days.

Vegas was a cool city to visit. Everywhere smelled like carpet cleaner and there were miles of conveyor belts carrying people into the casinos, like a giant slaughter house mouth swallowing up cattle with tourists wilfully going along to have their pockets emptied.  Something about it was quite brilliant, the owners of these establishments making it as easy as possible to funnel people the right way, ensuring your well fed, you have plenty to drink, taking away any excuse to leave and go else where.  A real city of excess, casinos fighting to be the biggest, the most ornate, big pools, miles of indoor air conditioned shops, shows, bars, if you can imagine it its probably already there.  On the final morning I was questioning my sanity giving up the comfortable king-size deluxe room bed on the 29th floor,  and changing it for a sleeping bag and camping mat. But I’m glad I have. The view of the mountains lures me in.

I had a dream the other week I was on a plane flying through clouds and I could see the mountain side getting closer, the plane swings violently, the pilot tries to pull up, but it’s too late, I know its over. I woke up on impact. A week on and I’m flying into Glacier Park. As we approach I can see through the clouds the remains of winter, the steep glaciated profiles. The mountains are a more  comfortable distance away than the ones in my dream. But it gave me the chills when the plane did bank for its final approach. I hike out the airport to the roadside , stick out my thumb and catch a ride almost instantly. I forgot how friendly Montanans’ are.

The strong smell pine trees has made me feel right at home as I collected my first supply of noodles and chocolate bars in prep for what’s to come.



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