Time is running out

My friends are all growing up, they have partners, cars on finance, mortgages and bills. I don’t think many of them intended it, but life caught them and suddenly they became sensible.  Which is a problem for me. Because I am not sensible.  Each time I have had enough money saved to grow up and get a house; a little voice opens up in my head (figuratively speaking of course).

This voice is one of defiance; resistance to 9-5 life; disgust that this might be it. Its the voice that tells me chase one more childhood dream before you can’t, before I’m imprisoned with commitments, loans, limits, ageing body and health . I try to reason with it ‘i need to invest in my future, I have no pension, I’ll have nothing!!!!’. But this voice doesn’t listen, it pushes me.It drives me every waking moment.


It needs feeding. It needs experiences! Highs,lows, fear, tears, pain, overwhelming joy, space, mountains, rivers, hot and cold, culture, art, and maybe if the Beatles were right a little love.  I’ve been travelling a few times now, here and there. Each place I have been I see more things I need to do,  Its exponential. I don’t have enough years left to cover it all. But ill try. This time I’m write about some of it too.

The pic at the top was taken in 2015 on the approach to the Wind River Range on the CDT. My feet were battered and blistered and i couldn’t have been happier.

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